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What is Master Password vs. Unlock PIN vs Gmail account?

In android devices, when you sign-in to Iron Dome, you will first authenticate with Google's Gmail account to identify who you are, then the Iron Dome Master password will encrypt/decrypt your records.

Gmail Account Sign-in - This is used only for Authenticating who you are. We NEVER ask for your Gmail password. If you sign-out of Gmail and re-sign in to Gmail, Google will prompt you for Gmail password. Not us. Simply put, Gmail address identifies you across devices and online.

Master Password - This is your Iron Dome password that is used to encrypt and decrypt your records. Gmail address only identifies you uniquely. We do not know and will never ask for your Gmail password (Google might when you sign-in to Gmail). But Iron Dome Master password encrypts & decrypts your records. Think of it as the second stage of security. Only you will and should know the Master password. Never share this password with anyone. Without your Master password, no one can ever decrypt your records. If you lose it, you cannot recover your data.

Unlock PIN - Its a convenience feature. In android devices, every time you get out of the app or when the screen switches off, Iron Dome will initiate a lock screen with a device unlock PIN. Its tedious to enter the Master password every time. So the 4-digit device unlock helps with unlocking the app quickly. You have 3 attempts to unlock otherwise the app will automatically logout and you will have to re-authenticate from the start.

Fingerprint Unlock - Its a secondary unlock mechanism to the Device Unlock PIN. Its automatically setup for you. Refer to this article for more information.