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What happened to "Categories"?

In the past, categories were free texted meaning you could create random & custom categories. The problem with that was its unsustainable and created a bottleneck in starting the app, rendering and searching (Mobile devices have limited computational capabilities compared with PC's, RAM alone is not sufficient to process). In many cases it caused crashes and errors. Users would also misspell and then search for a category that never exist. This created a lot of issues especially since we at our end do not have access to your data to investigate your issue and could not help you troubleshoot.

Version 5.0 and above - We have streamlined the categories to the 11 major categories in-use by most users. In August 2018, we will release an update that will allow users to create up-to 2 keywords for each record that will be searchable.

We welcome users to contact us with adding categories of major use. Email us at